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Simplifying the ERP Process

As a trusted ERP expert with 20+ years of consulting with organizations of $5M+ ERP projects, we have determined that there are 10-steps that all companies need to follow in order to have a successful ERP rollout. Our proven system for integrating the ERP cloud solutions your business needs is time-tested and optimized for saving you time and money.

Our recommendations have saved our clients time and thousands of dollars.

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10 Steps to a Successful
ERP Cloud Solution

Solving the puzzle of ERP Cloud solutions doesn't have to be complicated. Get the experience of a Senior Consultant at your fingertips. In this powerful free guide, we will help you understand the 10 essential steps you need to take for building and implementing your new Cloud ERP.

Client Assessment Matrix

Avoid the pitfalls and confusion of purchasing your Cloud ERP System with our Client Assessment Matrix. By identifying your needs, we can expedite the process and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your new system. 

Get the Support You Need at Any Stage of the Process


Investigation Process

Let Us Help You Find the Right Fit For Your Organization
The best place to start with Cloud Services Solutions is during the Investigation Process. We start the investigation process for your ERP solutions 12 months from the renewal date. By starting the process early we can maximize our leverage to negotiate the best deals with strategic vendors saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Develop Your roadmap

Planning your Cloud ERP System to reduce your time

By taking the time to understand your needs we develop a roadmap that aligns your Ecosystem and the expectations of the new ERP feature/function. This crucial stage of planning eliminates unnecessary software and functionality that can potentially confuse and bog down your setup and implementation.

Identifying Vendors

Finding the best fit for your needs

Understanding all the options and services that vendors offer can be overwhelming and confusing. Let us help you identify the vendors that best fit your ERP Cloud System needs that will best fit your new ecosystem.


Writing Your RFP

Developing your Request for Proposal
The RFP is the first major step towards a strong negotiation. Having an unbiased professional on your side can help emotion out of the large investment helping ensure that your purchase power is maximized.

Implementation schedule

Prepare your budget and schedule
Get help identifying 3rd party providers covered under the maintenance plan to determine all additional costs in the new ERP system. This empowers you to develop an implementation schedule that fits your budget and timelines for your new Cloud ERP System.


Time to finalize your choices
With our years of experience, we know the vendor vulnerabilities to leverage the best rates and terms. By understanding their sale cycle we help you realize major savings opportunities. Our goal is to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating your ERP.

Project Planning

Build your project plan, staffing and align resources

Once your ERP Cloud has been purchased, we prepare your project plan and help align the resources and staff you need to successfully implement your ERP using our senior-level consultants to expedite setting up your new system.


Implementation and Support

Take your new ERP Cloud live

Get ongoing training and support to ensure your system is being used to it’s fullest potential. Let our hands-on experience train your staff to avoid potential issues in the future use of your brand new system.

Get Senior Level Consulting for Your ERP Cloud System


Let our years of senior-level experience help you find and implement the perfect ERP Cloud System for your organization.